Erin Jackson, “Gary”

March 3 – April 23, 2011

The Corner Store
Erin Jackson, Untitled, C-Print, 18”x24”

Erin Jackson’s body of work, “Gary,” is a collection of photographs that document the mystery and splendor of the city of Gary, Indiana. These images were created not only to document the city but also to act as a window into the past and provoke our imaginations to meditate on what was.

Erin Jackson is a photographer currently based in the Phoenix Metro area. Ms. Jackson began studying photography at Andrews University as a high school Junior, and earned a B.A degree in Photography at Columbia College Chicago.


Erin Jackson, Candy/Gum, C-Print, 18”x24”
Erin Jackson, Candy/Gum, C-Print, 18”x24”

2 Comments on “Erin Jackson, “Gary”

  1. Congratulations, Erin! Hello to your mom. I am planning to be at the opening – see you then! Jackie

  2. I will definitely try to make this show opening. I have using Gary as a backdrop for most of my “Urban Decay” series and I find it to be a fascinating place.