Poetry Marathon 2011

Friday, April 15th at 5pm through Saturday April 16 5pm

Poetry Marathon 2010
2010 Marathon (l-r) Zorina Jerome, Shaun Christensen, Pam Blair

“Come early, leave late, or come late, leave early” at Artpost Gallery’s 2nd Poetry Marathon – a tribute to National Poetry Month in April.  Over 70 poets took turns reading in 15 minute time slots for the entire 24-hour period. A big THANK YOU to Fiddler’s Hearth — who will be providing appetizers and brunch for Saturday morning, and to The Foundation for Light Verse, for donating publications to give away during this event, and to the African-American Chamber of Commerce, for lending more chairs!

Below is a YouTube playlist of many of the poets who read in 2011.

Friday, April 15

Saturday, April 16

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2011 Schedule of poets

Friday April 15, 5:00 – 11:45 pm Saturday, April 16, Midnight – 9:45 am Saturday April 16, 10am – 5pm
05:00PM Jake Webster 12:00AM Jake Webster 10:00AM Allen DeSomer
05:15PM Mathew Heckaman 12:15AM David Casper 10:15AM Leighanne Robison
05:30 PM Lori Caskey-Sigety 12:30AM Javaughn Renee 10:30AM Carol Meehan
05:45PM Chairman Ralph 12:45AM Wayne Goodling 10:45AM Javaughn Renee
06:00PM Don Hargraves 01:00AM Daniel Boughton 11:00AM James Elrod
06:15PM Tamara Nicholl-Smith 01:15AM CJ Waterman 11:15AM Jake Webster
06:30PM Zorina Jerome 01:30AM Seth Oelbaum 11:30AM Greg Fox
06:45PM Anne Magnan-Park, Sharon Brinker and Timothy Dann-Barrick 01:45AM Carina Finn 11:45AM Teshaun Jenea Massey
07:00PM Jen Stockdale 02:00AM Joel Duncan 12:00PM Judith Hizer
07:15PM Nancy Botkin 02:15AM David Casper 12:15PM Lisa Kowalski
07:30PM Charmi Keranen 02:30AM Lynn Patrick 12:30PM Billy Easton
07:45PM David Dodd Lee 02:45AM Kelly Walters Wantuch 12:45PM Richard Bisnauth
08:00PM Stephen Allen 03:00AM Jake Webster 01:00PM Groshonda McDonald
08:15PM Jacqueline Dickey 03:15AM 01:15PM Claire Donohue Roof
08:30PM 03:30AM 01:30PM Howard Dukes
08:45PM Tracy Burchett 03:45AM 01:45PM Jennifer Eddy &
09:00PM Sade Murphy 04:00AM 02:00PM Jake Webster
09:15PM Jon Burke 04:15AM 02:15PM Jeanne Cook
09:30PM Sue Barnard 04:30AM 02:30PM Michael Kelly
09:45PM Pam Blair 05:00AM 02:45PM Bob Hohl
10:00PM Shaun Warkentin 05:15AM 03:00PM Loosely Ladies Writing Group
10:15PM Jeff Tatay 05:30AM 03:15PM Soul Poet Extraordinaire
10:30PM David Karapetyan 05:45AM 03:30PM Lisa Cunningham
10:45PM Monica Mody 06:00AM Mark Sniadecki 03:45PM Lee Gloster
11:00PM 06:15AM 04:00PM Judith Hizer
11:15PM Irinka Johnson 06:30AM 04:15PM Roger Chrastil
11:30PM Jim Yocom 06:45AM 04:30PM Daniel Boughton
11:45PM Gene Halton 07:00AM 04:45PM David Casper & Jake Webster
07:30AM Zorina Jerome
07:45AM Rebecca Pelky
  08:00AM Wayne Goodling
  08:15AM Jon Burke
  08:30AM Rachel Barrett
  08:45AM Howard Dukes
  09:00AM J. Paul
  09:15AM David Casper
  09:30AM Reynaldo Hernandez
  09:45AM Lynn Patrick