Maria Winston

July 1- August 29, 2010

Cancer?! Why Me?!

Maria Winston will be exhibiting a new series of paper-maché and ceramic wall reliefs concerning her experience dealing with cancer. Partly autobiographical, and partly inspired by other’s stories, these pieces reflect the profound feelings that one goes through when facing and recovering from this devastating disease.

Maria is a largely self-taught artist who, for over twenty years, has experimented with painted paper-maché and plaster to create large, highly expressive figurative 3-D reliefs. She was raised in Brownsville, Texas, and draws from Hispanic art and traditions, particularly ancient wall reliefs, for artistic inspiration. Her pieces have been exhibited in South Bend at Stanley Clark School’s Art for the Mind show, as well as the Colfax Cultural Center.

Cancer?! Why Me?! (detail)

3 Comments on “Maria Winston

  1. Hi Maria
    Just wondering how your doing this is wendi I love your work and still have my Turkish family you drew for me please contact me on Facebook wendi biondi

  2. I am curating the show at The Art Center, HIghland Park. Maria sent a beautiful message and I wanted to check out her work. It is very moving and inspirational as well. Congratulations.