Dr. Funlaw: ‘Collective Conscious’

November 4 – December 19, 2010

Dr. Funlaw, "HANDsome", marker on paper
Dr. Funlaw, “HANDsome”, marker on paper

Doni Funkhouser and Ryan Lawrence are an art duo working under the pseudonym of Dr. Funlaw. Their signature is a mashup of their abbreviated names (D.Fun and R.Law.) They work collaboratively to create highly saturated, brightly colored marker-based artwork at their home studio in downtown Elkhart IN.

Dr. Funlaw’s “stream of consciousness” approach to art uses repeating patterns, extreme detail, and fantastic subject matter — they are known to suggest the use of 3D Chromadepth glasses to best view their work.

Dr. Funlaw’s pieces have been exhibited at a variety of local venues, and they recently participated in a sticker show, “Stick Me Hard”, at the Musma Gallery in Brussels.

Dr. Funlaw, "KAbloom", marker on paper
Dr. Funlaw, “KAbloom”, marker on paper

2 Comments on “Dr. Funlaw: ‘Collective Conscious’

  1. Thanks so much Susan for those kind words – Spurious Fugitive did set the bar pretty high 🙂

  2. You two are getting such interesting exhibits in your gallery. And there seem to be alot of local.and sometimes, unknown artists you are searching out. I haven’t seen any of the “same all, same all” that happens alot in our area. I think you are the most exciting gallery to happen since Spurious Fugitive left us. I wish you continued success. You are a definite asset to our community. Many thanks!