Poetry Marathon 2010

On April 9th and 10th, 2010, poets from the Michiana area read for 15 minute slots, for 24 hours at Artpost’s first ever poetry marathon – our tribute to National Poetry Month in April. Below you can view videos of many of the poets who read, click the arrows right and left to move through them. BIG THANKS to Fiddler’s Hearth, who donated refreshments and breakfast for the occasion, for Ida and Glenn Williams, who donated chairs and our sound system, and for the many volunteers who kept it all running!

Friday night April 9

Saturday April 10

Schedule of Poets (2010)

Edit Friday April 9, 5:00 – 11:45 pmSaturday, April 10, Midnight – 9:45 amSaturday April 10, 10am – 5pm
05:00:00 PMDavid Casper12:00:00 AMJake Webster10:00:00 AMJake Webster
05:15:00 PMChairman Ralph12:15:00 AMJake Webster10:15:00 AMEvelyn Walton
05:30:00 PMMathew Heckaman and Corey Richards12:30:00 AMJake Webster10:30:00 AMStephen Allen
05:45:00 PMMathew Heckaman and Corey Richards12:45:00 AMDick Reineke10:45:00 AMGood Shepherd Montessori School
06:00:00 PMIUSB Creative Writing Dept: Nancy Botkin01:00:00 AMWayne Goodling11:00:00 AMGarry Roberson
06:15:00 PMIUSB Creative Writing Dept: Clayton Michaels01:15:00 AMShaun Christensen11:15:00 AMShaun Christensen
06:30:00 PMIUSB Creative Writing Dept: Charmi Keranen01:30:00 AMBilly Easton11:30:00 AMJake Webster and John Casper
06:45:00 PMIUSB Creative Writing Dept: Jennie Stockdale01:45:00 AMRachel Koontz11:45:00 AMJake Webster and John Casper
07:00:00 PMAilbhe Darcy02:00:00 AMGarry Roberson12:00:00 PMDiscovery Middle School
07:15:00 PMJim Yocom02:15:00 AMJake Webster12:15:00 PMClara Ross
07:30:00 PMLori Caskey-Sigety02:30:00 AMDaniel Boughton12:30:00 PMJake Webster
07:45:00 PMJames Roegiers 02:45:00 AM12:45:00 PMShaun Christensen
08:00:00 PMJacquee Dickey03:00:00 AM01:00:00 PMBeth Towle
08:15:00 PMZorina Jerome03:15:00 AM01:15:00 PM
08:30:00 PMHoward Dukes03:30:00 AM01:30:00 PMSade Murphy
08:45:00 PMJudith Hizer03:45:00 AM01:45:00 PMDick Reineke
09:00:00 PMLynn Patrick04:00:00 AM02:00:00 PMZorina Jerome
09:15:00 PMDorothy Carter04:15:00 AM02:15:00 PMJeannie Cook
09:30:00 PMDana Irving, Augustine Kyles04:30:00 AM02:30:00 PMLee Gloster, Lisa Cunningham
09:45:00 PMPam Blair05:00:00 AM02:45:00 PMRachel Koontz
10:00:00 PMMike Amato05:15:00 AM03:00:00 PMSoul Poet
10:15:00 PMRiver Park Arts Community05:30:00 AM03:15:00 PMBilly Easton
10:30:00 PMRiver Park Arts Community05:45:00 AM03:30:00 PMJudith Hizer
10:45:00 PMRiver Park Arts Community06:00:00 AM03:45:00 PMJ.Paul
11:00:00 PMRiver Park Arts Community06:15:00 AM04:00:00 PMSteve Sikorski
11:15:00 PMZorina Jerome06:30:00 AM04:15:00 PM
11:30:00 PMHoward Dukes06:45:00 AM04:30:00 PMLaura Yahya
11:45:00 PMNandita Raman07:00:00 AM04:45:00 PMSteve Sikorski
07:15:00 AM
07:30:00 AM
07:45:00 AM
08:00:00 AMMark Sniadecki
08:15:00 AMDonald Kopis
08:30:00 AMJ.Paul
08:45:00 AMDavid Casper
09:00:00 AMLeighanne Robison
09:15:00 AMGarry Roberson
09:30:00 AMLynn Patrick
09:45:00 AMChristopher MM Johnson