Irish Well Stories: Artist talk by Kay Westhues

Thursday, March 15th, 2012
Artpost Gallery

Kay Westhues, Road to Saint Brigid's Well, County Kildare, Ireland
Kay Westhues, Road to Saint Brigid’s Well, County Kildare, Ireland

With the help of Fiddler’s Hearth, The Martin Luther King Foundation of St Joseph County, and many other wonderful supporters in our community, Kay traveled to Ireland in November 2011 to participate in “SURFACE TENSION: The Future of Water” exhibition at the Science Gallery at Trinity College, Dublin. While there, she also expanded her “Well Stories” project by visiting and photographing holy wells in Ireland.

Kay will be showing images and talking about the exhibition and her trip. This event is free and Fiddler’s Hearth will be providing munchies for the evening.

The SURFACE TENSION show is a traveling exhibition, and will be shown at the Eyebeam Art + Technology Center in New York City, as part of the World Science Festival in May-June 2012.