Beyond the Natural: Jan Dean, Charles Jevremovic and Eric Souther

November 3 – December 18, 2011

Jan Dean, "Home II," 7'h x 4'w x 4.5'd, polystyrene, light
Jan Dean, “Home II,” 7’h x 4’w x 4.5’d, polystyrene, light

Beyond the Natural features work by South Bend-based artists Jan Dean, Charles Jevremovic and Eric Souther. The show includes an installation by Jan Dean that was recently exhibited at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI. Charles Jevremovic will be showing a new series of multimedia pieces created from discarded computer circuits. Eric Souther, Assistant Professor of New Media at IUSB, will be exhibiting a new video installation created for Artpost.

Jan Dean’s intricately pieced, internally lit foam structure is titled Home II. This sculpture transforms discarded polystyrene packing material into a 7 foot tall block ‘home’. It’s all about the box that fascinates more than the toy on Christmas day. Jan has worked in Chicago as a sculptor and educator for the past 20 years and is currently a resident artist at Fire Arts Inc. in South Bend.

Charles Jevremovic’s work evolves from his understanding of place and time, materials and concepts, of which he finds inevitably intertwined. Departure Routes consists of several phenolic resin boards that illustrate joint, disparate elements. Through soldering, bolting and sewing these materials, man-made conduits can visually embody the nature of the circuits and reveal that integral connection with one another.

Eric Souther, The Essence of the Round (detail), video installation
Eric Souther, The Essence of the Round (detail), video installation

Eric Souther’s and Jason Bernagozzi’s installation The Nature of Video pushes the perceptual limits of a circle. Eric uses multiple televisions, each containing an original black and white outline of a circle, to show how editing and filtering can create several hundred video instances. Eric manipulates a circle to push and pull new ways one can view a familiar shape. The circular structure can expand beyond its limits into an abstracted place because of the unique nature of video.

Jason Bernagozzi, a video and new media artist living and working in Rochester, NY, created the sound for this installation. Central to his artistic practice is a desire to investigate and experiment with the significant features of time-based media as an evolving world language. Video, sound and other electronic forms allow him to work out ideas as a real-time process that reflects the impermanent relationships between knowledge and dialogue. Jason Bernagozzi received his Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Integrated Art from Alfred University in 2010.

Jan Dean grew up in South Bend and received an M.F.A in Sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1990 as well as a B.A in Fine Arts from Indiana University in 1982. She has taught for The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, is a member of Chicago Sculpture International and a founding instructor for Gallery 7. Jan has exhibited at The National Museum for Women in the Arts, Washington D.C., Artemisia Gallery, The Illinois State Museum in Chicago and many other venues.
Eric Souther creates custom software in order to manipulate audio and video in real-time. He obtained a B.F.A in New Media from the Kansas City Art Institute and an M.F.A in Electronic Integrated Arts from Alfred University. Eric is also a time based media teacher and artist. He is currently an Assistant Professor of New Media and Informatics at Indiana University South Bend.

Charles Jevremovic, PCBL03, phenolic resin board, twigs, paint, 35”x51”
Charles Jevremovic, PCBL03, phenolic resin board, twigs, paint, 35”x51”
Eric Souther and Jason Bernagozzi, "The Nature of Video"